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We're right beside the Pacific Ocean, out on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. It's about 5-6 hours by car and ferry from Vancouver, 4-5 hours by car from Victoria, and 2-3 hours by car from Nanaimo, depending on your scenic stops.
Click on the following link to find out more about our British Columbia Fishing Accommodation recommendations.
In July and August the whole town is booked solid and reservations are a must. June and September are also busy and a confirmed booking is recommended. Other months can be hit and miss. In order to make sure you have a spot, reserving is always a good idea. A deposit of $300 CAD per package day will reserve your West Coast experience with Long Beach Charters.
Click here for prices. All required bait, tackle, and gear are included in the cost of a fishing charter. One cost that is not included is that of your saltwater fishing licence, which you can purchase from our office. Licenses are issued for one, three, and five-day periods, or by the year.
Long Beach Charters is a small, independently owned, local company. It was started in 1996 by Mike Marriott, who was born and raised in Ucluelet. After working for several years in commercial fishing and logging, Mike returned to school to get his Bachelor of Science in Biology. When those industries were hard-hit by recession, he started guiding sport fishing charters. Eventually he acquired his own boat and went into business for himself.

Now Long Beach Charters is expanding, bringing in other local companies to provide a wider range of services for visitors to the West Coast of British Columbia. Our goal is to ensure that not just your fishing trip but your whole stay in Ucluelet is a memorable experience that will have you anticipating your next West Coast adventure.
In the summertime, when most of our visitors arrive, the weather can't be beat. Sunshine is the usual order of the day, and the wind ranges from calm to brisk, making for some great fishing. Temperatures range from 10-25°C (50-80°F), so bring a jacket for the cool times.

Fog is a frequent summer occurrence along the coast, and boaters must be up on their navigation.

Fall is often our best season, with the clear skies of summer, but without the fog or the summer crowds.

Winter is known for dramatic storms and quiet solitude, two qualities much sought after by those in the know. Temperatures rarely get down below freezing on the coast, although there's always snow on the roads in the mountain passes.

Spring is the transition season, giving a little of winter and summer, and everybody coming to life again after the long hibernation.

British Columbia boasts one of the largest remaining temperate rain forests in the world. Ucluelet's rain is legendary - we're located less than 50 kilometres from Henderson Lake, the rainiest spot in North America. But you'll be happy to hear that it mostly arrives in winter, and even then it usually comes in big, dramatic storms with plenty of sunshiny days between. That said, everybody visiting Ukee is advised to bring along (or pick up in town) a good rain jacket, and maybe some rubber boots if you want to do a lot of trail walking. One thing you can be sure of: If you don't like the weather now, it'll be different in a few hours!
Try walking the spectacular Wild Pacific Trail or visiting our salmon hatchery. Pacific Rim National Park has kilometres of trails, beaches, and interpretive walks. Long Beach Golf Course and the popular tourist destination of Tofino are just a short drive away. Or visit one of several local art galleries. You can also try surfing, bird watching, storm watching, or take a spectacular sightseeing flight.

The Pacific Rim Whale Festival (last two weeks of March) makes for an excellent family holiday. In August, musicians from around the world congregate for the Pacific Rim Summer Festival.

Scattered throughout the year we have many other great local events including the annual Edge to Edge Marathon, the VanIsle 360 sailboat race, art shows, golf tournaments and literary readings. And if you just want to take it easy, from the Long Beach Charters' dock it's just a short walk to local beaches, pubs, restaurants, the liquor store, bank and grocery store.
Ucluelet provides some of the best salt water fishing for British Columbia's salmon and halibut. Halibut are usually caught mooching or jigging on banks 10-20 miles offshore, so they are best pursued on an 8-hour trip to account for the extra travel time. Halibut aficionados think it's worth it, for these fish, while they average 20 pounds, can come in at 50 pounds to a whopping 100 pounds and make for great eating.

Local salmon are mainly Coho and Chinook, though some Sockeye, Pink, and Chum pass through the area. Our area is world famous for its summertime Chinook salmon (averaging 20 pounds, with many in the "Tyee" range of 30 pounds plus, and even some "Walter class" leviathans at 40 to 50 pounds and up!) Since this is more of a near shore fishery, they're usually fished on 4- or 6-hour trips. But we're flexible - that's one of the advantages of being a small company!

Lingcod and rockfish (both are very tasty) put in occasional appearances on the end of the line at all times of year.

To find out more on what you can expect to catch at different times of year, take a look at our salt water fishing page.

What are the regulations and catch limits going to be for the coming year?

Regulations and catch limits for the sport fishery are generally stable from year to year, though changes occur as the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) adjusts their fisheries management plan. Areas may be closed to certain species, or opened from previous closures, and retention limits may be adjusted. DFO's goal, to which Long Beach Charters is strongly committed, is a sustainable fishery which continues and grows for the enjoyment of future generations.

Regulations are normally released in March of each year.
Our 24-foot cabin cruisers meet Canadian Coast Guard regulations and are fully equipped with downriggers and the latest hot fishing gear. They have cabin heat, a head (toilet), and comfortable bunks if you wish to rest. Our full-body cruiser suits will keep you warm and comfortable.

On a fishing charter we normally take one party (up to four people), along with your guide/skipper. We mount two downriggers per boat, and fish two lines when trolling or three when mooching or jigging.
Just get in touch with Long Beach Charters and our friendly staff will answer your questions and arrange a booking.
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