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Salt-water fishing doesn't get any better than here in Ucluelet, on the stunning Pacific coast of Vancouver Island. Our unique location allows us to fish offshore banks, shoreline points and bays, and the protected islands of Barkley Sound, right from our doorstep.
With knowledge gleaned from years in the commercial fishing industry, our guides will take you the best fishing locations, to ensure that you get on "the best fishing trip of your life."
Our 24-foot cabin cruisers meet Canadian Coast Guard regulations and are fully equipped with the latest "Hot Gear": full-body cruiser suits that will keep you warm and comfortable. Leave the world behind and enjoy full package hospitality with Long Beach Charters.

24 feet of speed

For the ultimate in fishing, book soon to reserve your prefered dates! Seasons change, and so do the fish.
February, March, and April - Fishing provide scenic inshore adventure on the waters of Barkley Sound. You'll be fishing winter Chinook (8-18 pounds) amongst frolicking gray whales, sea lions, and soaring eagles! An abundance of rockfish and lingcod have accumulated over the winter and 50+ pound halibut have begun their inshore migration.

May and June are the months to venture offshore, stalking chinook to 20+ pounds and halibut averaging 20 pounds - unless you're surprised by a "leviathan" hundred-pounder! Coho appear during this period, and continue their run into September and October.

July and August are red-hot months for salmon, and continue to provide excellent halibut adventures. This is when we see the runs of mature Chinook, with fish averaging 25 pounds and possible "Walter Class" encounters of 50+ pounds.

September is the best month to avoid crowds and enjoy the remaining runs of mature Chinook and Coho. Some of the biggest Chinook and Coho (15+ pounds) can be caught at this time. Halibut continue to offer opportunities.

October to January can bring stormy weather. But there are still winter Chinook to be found. So if you're the rugged type, or you can't manage a getaway any other time of year, we're open for business!
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